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Southwest Fur Harvesters'  Youth Trappers Camp...

Southwest Fur Harvesters hosts an annual family trapping camp each winter.  The purpose of trapper education is more than safety and requirements; its goal is to produce responsible, knowledgeable, and involved trappers- trappers who understand the importance of complying with trapping laws, not only to preserve the heritage, but to be an ethical sportsman of a proud legacy.  The Arizona trapper education program is not just for children or trappers.  This educational program is a valuable experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and has an interested in conservation.

Camp Schedule Overview...

The Youth Camp schedule is hands-on and mentors are available at every step.  Adults are welcome to attend as part of this family-oriented event.  On the first morning, the students and interested parents, take the Arizona Game and Fish approved trapping class (which is mandatory for anyone born after Jan. 1 1967).  The class concentrates on the American conservation model, ethics, safety, methods, equipment, and the law.  After the provided lunch, the students are taken out in the field, in a mentored group, where they set cage and leg hold traps on a private ranch.  All traps and needed supplies are provided.  After dinner, there are demonstrations of skinning and proper fur handling techniques.

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On the next morning, the traps are checked and the child who set the trap will get to keep whatever is in it.  Once back at camp instructor assist with any skinning needs.  Day three after breakfast, the traps are checked and collected.  Any catches are skinned and fleshed before everyone heads home.  Youth graduates are also eligible for the Trap Loaner Program for their first trapping year.